About Meghan

Allow me to offer you a peaceful forum to begin or continue on your journey of examining the impact of substance use disorder as a family member or individual. Substance use can be unpredictable and inconsistent for the individual that is using, as well as the people around them. When dealing with the related issues, sometimes we cannot easily find the words to express the feelings and emotions that present themselves. With gentle communication in a comfortable environment, you will be gently guided into exploring these areas. I hope to work together to understand the substance use of someone in your life or offer you the emotional support you may need in maintaining your own health while experiencing the confusing symptoms of substance use from the point of view of the individual or the family member.

My goal is to assist clients in building a therapeutic relationship which will provide a dependable and safe option when feeling overwhelmed with life’s challenges. I can assist you in gaining education and alleviating emotional distress related to substance use in your life or any other Mental Health difficulties preventing you from feeling satisfied with your life’s quality.


I began my work in the mental health and substance use treatment field six years ago, after receiving my Masters from Lesley University in mental health counseling with a specialization in trauma. I have been treating individuals and families in Outpatient and Inpatient settings all over the city of Boston, while serving numerous ages and populations. My experience and education is working with Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Grief, traumatic past and other Mental Health difficulties. Exposure to this work has allowed me to assist clients to gain clarity and skills in their lives. Also, what they can change and how to build tactics for coping with those elements that we sometimes can’t control.

Hope is what keeps me working in this field. I have seen countless successes throughout my career thus far. I have witnessed individuals learn how to expand their support networks, build friendships, maintain longer periods of abstinence from alcohol and drugs and gain more satisfaction than ever before. I have gotten to stand alongside individuals and families experiencing success for the first time. They are all people coping with life’s struggles and as human beings we all have them. It is comforting to know; we don’t have to deal with them alone. My intent is to decrease the shame and stigma of addiction and mental health while increasing the knowledge of how these disorders work in you as an individual or in your loved one. Then helping to discover the best path forward. I am pleased to answer any questions you may have about my experience or credentials. Feel free to email me at meghan@racheltolan.com. I look forward to meeting you.