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"The goal of our counseling services is to provide psychotherapy, support, and education to individuals, families and groups on their journey toward health and fulfillment in their lives."


We are a professional practice of masters level clinicians with a passion for treating addiction.


We provide a variety of generalized services to compliment our specialty in addiction. These services target: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar
Relationship problems, Divorce, Grief, Women’s issues, self esteem, trauma history and General wellness concerns
on a per appointment basis.


We are a practice of masters level clinicians with a specialty and passion for working with all parts of the family system and individual impacted by addiction.


Our clients are: individuals, families, couples, parents, partners, adult children and friends questioning, battling or confused by substance use or addiction.


We provide therapy, education, coaching, referral, assessment, diagnosis, intervention, relapse prevention, inter family communications work and support for the maintenance of healthy behaviors on the journey toward wellness.


We are professionals trained in managing the issues and intense feelings that are common during an intervention. We aim to put you in the best position for a positive outcome, with your loved one saying ‘yes’ to treatment.


These types of sessions take time and planning to put together and for that we ask that you reach out to us first so that we can speak with us about your situation before we set up a session.


To make an appointment, please call 781.733.1451 or email

We will return your call or email within one to two business days.

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optum, Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts Insurances and any other out of network insurance plans (primarily commercial plans).

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