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Jan Tedeschi, LADC-1

I have 30+ years of experience with clients and families. I have specialized in parenting and substance use disorder. Developing a tailored approach to each individual and their family system. I use individual style, humor and a solid sense of spirituality; helping clients and parents identify their real needs while normalizing their feelings of frustration and inadequacy. I facilitate in clients taking themselves a little less seriously; helping to dispel shame, lower anxieties and increase capacity for decision making.


Whether you are dealing with substance use disorder, parenting or both I am prepared to provide you with education, insight and skills. I have a masters degree in marriage and family counseling and have worked in substance use settings, inpatient and outpatient throughout my career.


I use patience, compassion and willingness to meet each individual where they are at emotionally, educating them gently. I nurture a judgement free environment for learning, while acknowledging difficult feelings. I recommend empowering techniques for each individual client and member of the family. I work primarily via video counseling.

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