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Mary A. Capobianco-Korpi, LICSW

Hello, Thank you for checking out my profile. I hope you will be curious about how we can work together.


So, how are you today?

Feeling sad, anxious, depressed?

Do you use Alcohol and or drugs to cope with your feelings, thoughts and emotions? Do you have insomnia, anger issues, body dysmorphia, mood swings, crying fits, guilt, feeling hopeless, isolation, loss of interest in doing fun activities or being with friends and family ?

Do you prefer to stay in bed for days, only getting up for work, children or appointments.


If any of these symptoms sound like you, call or email me for a free phone or face to face consult. Behavioral Health (mental health and/or substance use) services include office visits, consultations, counseling, screenings, and assessments for mental health and/or substance use. We also have access to make referrals for inpatient, outpatient, detoxification and diversionary services. Find out how I can help you initiate or sustain treatment and how to support you in your recovery efforts from mental health or substance use (or both) disorders.. Call or email me for a free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.


My specialty: Alcohol and drug counseling, substance use and mood disorders, (addictions), anger management, sleep or insomnia, self esteem, motivation, coping strategies, and support. I work from a client- centered, holistic approach, as well as using recovery and relapse prevention strategies...


Working collaboratively with you to assess your strengths and challenges. Working together will enhance personal healing, growth, health, and wellbeing. Relationship building and connection in treatment is important achieve and sustain personal goals. I am available for short term, long term treatment and consultations.

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